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Out of Office Roasters

Artist: 🇵🇭🇺🇸 Roxanne Atienza // Coffee: 🇪🇹 Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

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Out of Office // Roxanne Atienza // @rabbiitonthemoondraws

Roxanne Atienza is an East Coast-based Filipina American artist and designer currently residing on Powhatan Land. With a creative career beginning in the music industry, Roxanne began using her artistic and visual skills to reclaim her Filipinx heritage while navigating predominantly non-BIPOC spaces. She focuses on exploring diasporic Filipinx and Asian identities using multifaceted, complex stories about culture and nostalgia. A first-generation Filipina American, Roxanne hopes to help Filipina/o/xs see themselves in her art, empowering them to embrace the legacy of their heritage.


Haliya, the masked goddess of the moon, slaying Bakunawa, the moon eater.

In pre-colonial mythology of the Bikol and Bisayan regions of the Philippines, Haliya is known as the goddess of the moon who wore a mask made of gold to hide her intense beauty. Bakunawa, once a beautiful diwata, is the giant sea serpent and deity of the Underworld who devours suns and moons. There are several versions of their story, but the two most common accounts depict a heroic Haliya fiercely protecting her brother Bulan, the moon god, from being devoured by Bakunawa.

 It is said that Bulan and Haliya were so beautifully made—with Bulan’s fair skin and youthful demeanor, and Haliya being made from starlight by the lonely god himself—that when they descended to the Earth to bathe in its waters, all creatures were so in awe of their luminous beauty that even the deity Bakunawa emerged from her watery realm of the Underworld to play with the lunar siblings. When Bulan failed to notice her however, Bakunawa became enraged by the slight and transformed into a giant serpent, vowing to swallow the moon. Haliya, sworn to protect her brother, fights the creature to prevent the lunar eclipse.

 In another version of the story, Haliya is one of seven beautiful siblings who were created to give light and beauty to the night sky. One night, Bakunawa was so captivated by their beauty that, in yearning to possess them, he swallowed six of the moons one by one. This angered the Supreme Deity Kan-Laon, who cursed him to remain a beast for eternity and commanded him not to devour the last moon, Haliya. Forging a mask made of gold to conceal her beauty and identity, and heartbroken over the loss of her siblings, she vowed revenge and claimed herself the arch-rival of Bakunawa.

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