about out of office

For us the office represents being that cog in the wheel. The static 9-5. The stuffy walls of a cubicle, no future, no upward mobility. A bamboo ceiling crushing all motivations. Or more abstractly, the pressures of society or our asian parents telling us to become a doctor, lawyer, or engineer. It represents everything that society tells us to be that isn't us.

Out of Office is the breakthrough out of that mindset and environment. Thats is what this brand is for us. A culmination of dreams, passions and out of the box thinking. This is a special moment for all who have experienced it, and we want to be there from the start. 

Out of Office is a journey towards our passions. Our passion is coffee, for you, an entire world of unconventional dreams to choose from. We seek to align with values that are authentically our own. Reclaimed beliefs that are not defined by the boxes society puts us in. We no longer straddle differing monoliths trying to define ourselves. We have tried out that box and have rejected it. We are Out of Office people. 

Jonathan Ma & Paul Barreto, Founders

the beginnings of something unconventional.