Out of Office / / Artist

Out of Office / / Artist

Welcome to a world of unconventional dreams.

Where we’ve freed ourselves from worn-out beliefs and re-defined ourselves in our own image. We don’t have to accept our preordained destinies. We can choose a better path…

Out of Office brings people together who are searching for more authentic lives.

We do not fit into categories. We do not seek to define ourselves with titles and roles. Instead, we are defined by our various passions, and have found a place where we can harness those passions and become exactly who we want to be.

Out of Office people are dedicated to the pursuit of passion. In an age where people are defined by their various roles, we seek to abandon those boxes and pursue all that makes us uniquely ourselves. We will never stray from our values of authenticity, unconventionality, clarity and grounded. In fact, we have set these as guiding principles for how we run our company. This has allowed us to create a culture where people are empowered to better themselves while empowering others around them. Our aim?

Break Out/  /Office. To live life unconventionally passionate

For this project, we want to utilize the space on our coffee bags as a way to create a platform Asian-American Pacific Islander creatives to display their work and to create a community for those within this space.

For Paul, he never thought that he'd even try to make it as a coffee professional/business owner, because it seemed so unconventional to most of the career choices of his friends and family members.

For me, the office represents being that cog in the wheel. Stale and dull in the stuffy walls of a cubicle, no future, no upward mobility. A bamboo ceiling crushing all motivations and internal passions. Or the pressures of society or our Asian parents telling us to become a doctor, lawyer, or engineer. It represents everything that society tells us to be that isn't us.

Out of Office is a mindset for us. It is the breakthrough out of that cubicle life and thinking. A culmination of dreams, passions, and out-of-the-box thinking. The pursuit of something authentically ours in value, passion, and so much more. 

This is a special moment for all who have experienced it, and we want to be there from the start.

Out of Office is a journey towards our passions. Our passion is coffee, for you, an entire world of unconventional dreams to choose from. We seek to align with values that are authentically our own. Reclaimed beliefs are not defined by the boxes society puts us in. We no longer straddle differing monoliths trying to define ourselves. We have tried out that box and have rejected it. We give space to featured artists who are listening to their inner voice and finding that they are breaking out the mold. 
We are Out of Office people.

What we are picturing is:
  • A 3" wide x 4" tall design
  • Full color
  • An additional bio with artist info and picture. Short bio, any links to websites, Instagram etc.
  • Our concept is to illustrate the transition moment from “office” to out of office. It might be taking the first step to moving your life in a direction that may be seen as "unconventional". It might represent the moment you realize that being a doctor, lawyer, or engineer is something that your parents told you to do but wasn’t fully you. For us, it is the pursuit of a coffee.


Two weeks: concept (written or sketched)
Two weeks after: final draft
Total time: 1 month. 

The artwork will also be featured on our website as well as on a limited number of bags. 

We will be providing a small commission and profit sharing program to help fund your art! Additionally, we are also partnering with other AAPI owned businesses.

Hit us up on IG or email jonathan@outofofficeroasters.com

Out of Office // Jonathan

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