[authenticity/grounding] - Coffee Cha Club

[authenticity/grounding] - Coffee Cha Club

We recently partnered with Arnold Byun with With Warm Welcome (WWW) in the launch of the first CoffeeChaClub. With Warm Welcome ”is a community organization that aims to amplify Asian American faces and voices in the hospitality industry”. Through this platform WWW offers insights with interviews with figures in the industry in their Weekly Welcome Podcast. Some of their current projects include the Baker’s Box that highlights AAPI bakers and pastry chefs in different regions of the US. 

Jessica, a close friend who writes for @readmeryenda, introduced us to Arnold a few months ago. He introduced us to the project and what he was trying to accomplish with CoffeeChaClub; “A collection celebrating the artisanship of Asian American owned and operated coffee roasters and tea brands, including a curated Spotify playlist and founder profiles with the makers themselves”. We loved his vision and were excited to partner with him and his team. We invited him over for a cupping to introduce our coffees to him and found a match with our Colombian coffee from Paisa Coffee. After our cupping we scheduled an interview where we discussed how we got our start, what we are enjoying, and where we are heading.  Another part that was exciting for me was creating a playlist to enjoy our coffee with!

We are constantly looking for ways to collaborate with others and build community. If you have any suggestions or would like to work with us, feel free to reach out!


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