65 hr Combined Fermentation (Anaerobic + Aerobic)

65 hr Combined Fermentation (Anaerobic + Aerobic)

coffee fermentation

A deep dive into the fermentation process by the La Vega family (Yolima's parents, if you have been following us on IG for awhile) 

Picking & Sorting: The coffee was picked at peak ripeness, after picking, the cherries were sorted for any unripe ones that may have gone through. This happens the same day of picking.

Packing for fermentation: After they were packed in Grain Pro bags and tied very tight; as to not to allow any air to come inside the bag, but still leaving some extra space inside it for the gas that the cherries expel during fermentation. After years of experience, the La Vega family has the perfected the perfect amount of space. 

Fermentation in Bags: The full bags from each day are stored away from the sunlight in a cool place by the washing facility for three days, during these three days the anaerobic fermentation is happening.

Fermentation in Tanks: After these three days they are removed from the bag and pulped, this happens on the evening of the third day. And the beans are left in the fermentation tanks with no water, to ferment for that night.

Light Rinse: The next day they are lightly rinsed to remove excess mucilage, thus this is more of a yellow honey process than a black honey process and then they are put on the raised beds to dry.


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